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Terms and Condition


These various words below are our terms and condition of the blog

Our terms and condition is strictly governed and owned and controlled by the CEO of the blog and also followed by the admins, in our terms and condition, we will always make sure that all our visitors benefits from the site and will restrict their selves from any means of unwanted click such as black hat and any other means that doesn’t align with the rules and regulation of the website and also that doesn’t comply with Google AdSense policy.


Accessibility will not assure and will not comply with any illegal means of method such as asking users from other websites to visit our website either in any means that doesn’t comply the rules and regulation been followed by or asking user to deposit fund to any account on this wonderful platform.


Purpose of Website

The website was developed to impact light on stories and shine the world with a benefit of enabling the visitors to view and understand the best of stories at the utmost peak.


Cookies and usage

This website monitors and track how the users operate and makes use of the website so as to track how Cookies of this website is used. In other to be on the safer side, this blog will not take any means of black hat or any means of defrauding the audience, if any such activity is found, it will lead to penalty.


Action and Penalties doesn’t support any form of illegal activity and will never condole such any action found concerning this will be facing a penalty.

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