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Privacy Policy

Below are the Privacy Policy

The privacy of our visitors is more important to us and and its our major concern to look into our website to ensure that this privacy Policy document will outline any piece of information received and collected at and will be monitored on how it is used.

Log files:
just like other websites do, make use of log files to track down the move of the the internet protocol (I.P), Internet Service Provider (I.S.P), browsers, caches and Date and time and number of clicks of an individual who visited the website in every point in term.   will hold responsible of any activity

We ensure that we carry out the clock, and monitor the entering of different internet protocols from every mobile, device or PC so as to not to fail in our privacy policy at any given point.

Clicking of ads or asking any member from any part of the continent on this website is highly prohibited. 

Demanding fund or asking you any visitor to donate any money on no means of availability or any reasonable issue on this particularly blog will be punishing please disease from such act if you are one of our publisher. is highly sensible and tracks every user engaging him or herself in visiting this blog.

Our blog  always work hand in hand with Google adsense and keeps to the rules and regulations be given by the

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