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Below are the disclaimer policy of our blog

This is the draw attention and notice that this blog; is owned, managed and operates by the owner Okey Nwachukwu. The management will not go against the goggle policy, rules or regulation and will not be found on any means of illegal activities that will hinder the rightful way of managing this website. Therefore any illegal or unwanted posting such as nudity, copy writing, violating of rules and regulations off website, maneuver of another website or bloggers contents is unwanted to this website and must be sued if any illegal activity is found either by guest posters or mistakenly occurred by the publishers.


Illegal Activity

The website doesn’t accept telling user to click on its own ads or promotion in other to make money or exchange of traffic, doing so is purely unwanted and will be charge for penalty on the individual found on such unwanted attitude. This website will categorically focus more on stories, Adventures, News, Gist, Entertainment, Sports, Award, politics, Ranking, Biography, foreign News, and so much more.


Websites Rules

The website does not support any rules of website such as 18+ that will relate to pornography, Redtube or any illegal means of defrauding the visitors of the website. The site is basically designed to enlightened the world more on news, information and knowledge on how to make some research in tackling down solution to some certain problem on the website. There is ready to give out to the world more on news, sports, entertainment and knowledge



The website will not and does not support any use of bad cookies accept the right cookies that align with the Google policy rules and regulations. The website works according the rules and will not panic to any illegal activity if found.


Google Adsense.

The above Website make use of Google  Adsense in promoting of contents and managing of website to ensure that the necessary need and requirement is put in place. Therefore this blog doesn’t accept any means of advert or monetization accept Google Adsense.

The blog will make sure that it will adhere to policy to be able to track down any means of other monetization and if any other means of advertising or monetization is found will lead to punishment.

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